Monthly Newsletter – Christy Cox

Christy Cox

February 13, 2016

Jennifer Frederick

Dear Ms. Frederick,

Your advertisement on the Hire My Mom site for your monthly newsletter greatly appeals to me. After you examine my over ten years of increasing levels of administrative experience and supervision in coordinating projects for businesses, my Associate Degree, you will see I can serve your project well. In addition, I recently self-published my own book and launched a simple website and that experience will be valuable to your newsletter publishing.

My current and previous accomplishments include managing and maintaining five mobile home parks, totaling 270 tenants, accounting, the construction of 15 manufactured homes and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. I marketed a vocational program to 14 high schools to capacity and streamlined the registration process, which saved 50 work hours and increased revenue for the County of Riverside, California. Additionally I have been in charge of weekly church bulletins and website calendar updates for my local church over the past 5 years.

If you would like to see samples of my writing work, please feel free to visit my website I believe I can be of much value to you with my goal setting discipline to complete projects to your satisfaction and look forward to hearing from you and you may contact me by email or phone at your convenience.

Respectfully yours,
Christy Cox

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