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Mommy Blogger!

Hi There!

I feel like I am such a good fit for what you are looking for! I have a Child Development degree, several years experience as a nanny, and have been writing my blog for 9 years now! In 2012 I was named one of SheKnows Top Ten Most Inspiring Bloggers. I also have an 8 year old daughter. I recently released an eBook on the Toddler Years too!

Thank you so much!
Tahnie Woodward

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Mommy Blogger

Dear Sir or Madam, I am attaching my job application for the position of Blogger that is currently being advertised on HireMyMom. Your position sounds like it is right up my alley and fun! After reviewing my application, I believe you will find that I am well qualified for this position. I became self-employed working as a tutor locally so I could home school my son. I have had over 10 years in documentation/data entry positions not reflected recently as I moved into teaching when my son was born. I started a blog about being over 40 and having a son with ADHD. Being paid to do a blog would make it much easier to keep up with! My schedule is highly flexible. I have also included my contact information in which to set up an interview where you will be able to meet me in person/virtually and I can supply any additional information you desire. Sincerely, Sandra E. Brandon, BSBA, MHA, Certified Elementary Teacher in AZ and MD “I touch the future, I teach”. Christa McAuliffe (520) 371-4525

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Mommy Blogger

Dear Madam,
I am writing in response to the available Mommy Blogger position.

I am currently working as the Operations Coordinator of an email marketing company.

My current duties include client management, email design and quality control. I also manage the Accounts Payable and Receivable for the company as well as managing the CEO’s personal finances.

I am currently looking for a little supplemental income and think this would be the perfect job for me. Although I don’t currently blog, I’ve been told numerous times that my quick-wit and interesting take on all things mommy would be a great blog!

I am very interested in learning more about your company. I would love the opportunity to further discuss the available position with you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Abby J. Alexander
(641) 330-3438

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