Mindmaven VA Cover Letter

Cristin Frank
419 Sagewood Terrace
Williamsville, NY 14221
Skype @cristinfrank

Dear Patrick Ewers,
I am a seasoned professional with nineteen years experience in project management, e-commerce, online marketing and research. I have a huge capacity for managing tasks and coordinating multiple moving parts. I’ve been working virtually for the last 13 years and have a dedicated home office.
My organization, communication and attitude make me an excellent virtual assistant. I feel I can add value, and quickly get up to speed due to my abilities to create workflows, close communication loops and dive deep to get valuable information and solutions.
In my position as a resource manager I was the communication hub for all agency projects, and trained employees on our online project management system. I’ve also vetted talent, resources and prospective clients. As a self-motivated entrepreneur, I’ve created entire project scopes, looking for opportunities, troubleshooting and solving possible pitfalls.
I welcome an interview to qualify any questions you may have, and to better understand where I can apply my skills and experience to be a best in class performer in the role of virtual assistant at Mindmaven.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Cristin Frank

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