I’m Mandi Fornes – a dynamic, driven, and dedicated Marketing Professional who will be an incredible asset to your team.

After 15 years in Corporate America, I took a giant leap from a stable but increasingly-stressful career to re-assess my priorities. With student loans to pay for my graduate degree, staying at home full-time with my family isn’t a practical option, but I’ve successfully transitioned into working remotely with consulting opportunities, and am truly enjoying experiencing the best of both worlds: career and family.

This gives YOU the best of both worlds: a marketing professional with a solid career and a wealth of practical, real-world experience, but also a flexible, enthusiastic, and energetic “get-things-done” kind of gal.

Why am I the right choice for you? Aside from the 15 years of Marketing, Advertising, Copywriting, Sales, Project Management and general professional experience, I also bring a passionate love of volunteering and fundraising, in a variety of industries: tech, retail, military, government, nonprofit, social media, real estate. I am a master of ideas, a Word Nerd, and I’m incredibly resourceful. Talk to me and see what I can do to make this the best year yet for you.

Mandi Fornes

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