Meryn Foster Cover Letter

Dear Dr. Patel,

It’s probably not some random twist of fate that I’ve recently landed, more than once, on your HireMyMom posting while exploring their website for potential job matches. Being a mom and having run a small business myself, I instantly related to your needs and my immediate thought was – “I want to work for her”. The Assistant position is a perfect evolution for me. It compliments my lifestyle, builds upon my professional skills, and offers precisely the type of work I’m itching for.

I’m a communicator. According to my mom I’ve always been a communicator. My educational background in Psychology taught me that the first rule of being a skilled communicator is to be a skilled listener. I can identify and empathize with people and their needs to create highly effective communication. For the past 8 years I’ve been a military spouse and for 6 of those years I’ve been a stay-at-home mom. These 2 “jobs” have allowed me to build my expertise in listening, patience, time management, multitasking, prioritizing, and communication through single handedly running our household and coordinating our daily lives through my husband’s deployments and everyday commitments to his career. I’ve honed my communication skills through our multiple moves and the requirements that come with such a lifestyle (organizing the moves themselves, leasing properties from afar, getting the children enrolled in new schools, medical offices, extracurricular activities, etc., making new friends myself, setting up or shutting off utilities at our homes, etc.). My proven ability to effectively listen and communicate allows me to pinpoint and understand others needs.

I’ve always worked well under pressure. I thrive in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments. My preference for this atmosphere is probably what led me to take on this military lifestyle and building my own business while also raising my two young sons as a work at home mom. My competence in multi-tasking, and diligence in meeting external as well as self-imposed deadlines has been at the heart of my successes in all three of these endeavors.

While I have absolutely enjoyed the challenge of building a home based business, The Pompous Piglet, I miss the feeling of building a long term work relationship with others. As an Etsy shop owner and receptionist, I’ve fostered client relationships and worked hand-in-hand with a variety of personalities and I’ve learned a lot from these experiences. Still, I find myself craving something more permanent and reliable. Being your assistant stands out to me as embodying exactly what I am looking for in a career opportunity and I believe I can add a unique (and super fun) skill set to your life.

If you’d like more information about me or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 609.314.0965.

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