Massiel Pablo Cover Letter

To whom it may Concern,

I am Massiel Pablo, I have a marketing major from Simmons College in Boston, MA. I am from the Dominican Republic and have been living in San Antonio for twelve years now. I am currently a stay at home mom but I would like to go back to work part time from home.
In the past few years I have worked part time in a travel agency and a pre school.

As you can see on my CV, I have had experience with multicultural markets. I have occupied positions in marketing in several companies.
In my last fulI time job I was a marketing manager for several Caribbean markets. I worked very closely with the distributors and their sales teams as well as with advertising agencies and printing companies.

I am fluent in English and Spanish.
I value being able to stay at home to raise my children, yet am eager to go back to work, so a part time job from home would be a perfect fit.

Thank you
Massiel Pablo

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