Mary Jean Swiggard Cover Letter

Dear Employee Seekers:

I am applying for an at-home Executive/Administrative Assistant position that will allow me to leave the corporate world to focus on my son while holding a part-time position that will challenge me intellectually. I am tired of the emotional stress of leaving my son and working a job that I don’t love. I met a woman at my daycare who shared this website with me and I finally gained hope that I can have it all! This will allow me to be a professional career woman while being a professional mom!

Being a virtual assistant is an all-together experience. Hiring a stay-at-home mom can be very beneficial for any employer because he or she should feel confident in our multi-tasking skills and our ability to utilize every spare second of the day. Not only am I a great mom, I’m also very experienced and educated. I hold a Masters degree and have a strong background as an executive assistant and researcher.

I have more than thirteen years of experience in the professional field, working a great deal in independent research requiring initiative, self-motivation, and a wide range of organizational skills. Within these years, four have been spent as an assistant for unique companies. Through this experience, I’ve enhanced my skills in communicating with clients, employees, and senior officials in an efficient manner and I have developed a keen eye for detail. During my masters program in New Mexico, I worked remotely and relied solely on myself to capture and record intricate data while writing my thesis. I understand the importance of time management and self-motivation more than anyone I know.

I currently hold a dual role as Executive Assistant to the CEO and Office Manager. I organize the daily calendar for the CEO, work directly with board members, and maintain all facets of the office. I have a perfect office setting at my home, which includes a telephone landline for telephone, Internet, printer, fax machine, and computer to function in the right manner. I am very skilled and capable of handling several tasks at once and I am always ardent to undertake new projects.

I am prepared for my new journey and I cannot wait to find the right fit! I can be reached at any time via email or 610-999-7089. Thank you.


Mary Jean Swiggard

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