Mary Dopson/cover letter for Administrative Assistant

I am actively seeking an opportunity as your Administrative Assistant/Virtual Assistant you have listed. I have lots of experience that have equipped me with a multitude of skills you are looking for, and I would like to continue my growth with your business. As an outgoing person with exceptional interpersonal skills and the desire to learn and grow professionally, I would be a great candidate to consider for this position. My computer skills have also been utilized by employers; in addition to being proficient in Microsoft programs and many others, I am able to learn new programs and customize software quickly to increase efficiency and productivity. I am confident that these skills and others would make me a valuable asset to you and your team. I have lots of Administrative Assistant experience as well as computer experience. I have worked several remote jobs where I was the Administrative Assistant doing inbound, outbound calling, answering emails, scheduling appts, traveling, meetings etc.,entering information into databases helping the business grow by putting the information on social media. You name I have done with it as an Administrative Assistant. I worked in a hospital as an Administrative Assistant so I have lots of experience in medical as well. My resume is attached and I am looking forward to learning more about this position and what it entails. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity of speaking and interviewing with you at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration. Mary Dopson

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