Marla Tabaka

Hi Marla!

Once in a while, a job post lures me out of observation mode and makes me jump at the chance to apply – both for the work itself, and for the person behind the post. Your backstory and philosophies really resonated with me. (And I love that you owned a coffee house! That is one of my bucket list items!)

Proofing, editing and layout are my bread and butter, and I also have a special talent for making things look good in Word. That evolved out of necessity, as many of my clients wanted the look of my InDesign layouts but in a tool they could maintain. I’m also well-versed with email marketing and websites, so I can create for anything.

The structure of an isolated project to start – with the potential for more later – fits perfectly with my working style. I love making connections with new people and learning about their businesses, but I also like to make sure my expertise is a fit before taking on larger projects.

I’m happy to email samples of layouts in Word or other projects as desired. You can also find a wide-ranging portfolio on my website at Thank you in advance for your time! I look forward to chatting more about your project (or coffee houses :).

P.S.  Even though I specifically mention cats on my resume, I do also love dogs! All animals, really. Except for spiders the size of grapefruits with more fuzz on their legs than me. My apologies to the animal kingdom, but in those cases, all bets are off!

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