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Marketing Project Manager

Hi Christia,

After review of your open Marketing Project Manager position, I believe I would be a great addition to your team. In my last role, I managed an Account Management department of 13 Account Managers where I regularly analyzed working data via Excel and presented the information to management to Boeing as well as my company as it concerned our 75+ domestic and international suppliers. These clients required a high level of responsiveness to prevent any delays in production. I work well in a fast-paced environment where problem solving is required. Another main duty I had was to handle the project management for projects involving 4-60 people at a time including executive management. I also was responsible for all processes and documentation for our department’s quality management system to ensure we maintained our AS9100 qualification.

I am an excellent communicator and consider professionalism and customer service my best qualities. I have six years of corporate experiences and another two years in the small business world. I hold a Masters degree in Marketing with a bachelors in International Business. I am highly proficient in the Microsoft Office suite particularly including Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. I know I would be highly effective in this role. I would love to speak with you more regarding your needs to see how I can help your business run more smoothly.

Kind Regards,
Amy Tofaute

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Marketing Project Manager

Hi Nate,

My name is Timothy Edwards and I am very interested in the position of Marketing Project Manager that you posted on HireMyMom.com

I have been working from home as a Web Designer for nearly three years but, marketing project management is really my passion and I would love to get back to it.

My 15+ years of experience has been focused on coordinating creative workflow, preparing and maintaining project plans, status updates, and reports, building systems to provide clarity of direction and priorities for each project and keeping team members and stakeholders informed.

Based on the job responsibilities that you listed in your job posting, I feel very confident that I would be a valuable member of your team.

If you asked any of my previous employers about me, I think they would say, “Timothy thinks like a database and is always very detailed and proactive with a keen focus on problem-solving. Additionally, he is a warm, kind, and compassionate person who is truly dedicated to supporting others”

I look forward to speaking with you further about how we might work together to support your clients on their journey to growing their business and gaining a competitive edge.

Timothy J Edwards

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