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Marketing and Public Relations – Hire My Mom

Marketing and Public Relations

Dear Hiring Manager,

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I believe that with over two years in the marketing industry I can provide a great support to any team. My experience and dedication to the field have given me the ability to work in high stress situations and on multiple projects at one time.

My background in marketing, advertising, public relations and service focused fields is backed by a degree in business from Kennesaw State University where I graduated with honors. My years of experience in the hands-on application of marketing account management, multiple forms of advertising, copy-writing, press release writing blog content writing and sales allow me to work on multifaceted projects.

My track record of integrity supported by hard work, customer service, communication skills, and teamwork make me an ideal candidate. I am a self-motivated, organized and detail oriented individual with an entrepreneurial background. My focus on excellence and reliability will prove to be essential assets on any project.

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Marketing and Public Relations

Mr. Pesklo

Please find my resume attached for the position within your company for Marketing/ Public Relations.

Along with my work experience, which is diverse in industry; I also volunteer for various organizations including Girl Scouts and the Plantation Volunteer Fire Association.

My service with the Fire Association is to co-chair the committee that organizes their annual BBQ Event. My duties include marketing the association and their cause to the public in order to gain financial sponsorship for the event. I designed attractive packages to solicit to business that inspire them to help the organization, while also branding and promoting them within the event itself. I work with each company from the moment they commit until the end of the event.

I have networked through most of my career experiences, including branding my gift basket company, and truly value the importance of follow up and building relationships with people.

I am an organized individual, motivated to complete my tasks within the expected time frame and without being micromanaged.

I am certain the job you listed requires more duties than listed, I am confident that I would be able to handle the tasks as assigned.

I am not familiar with SalesForce, but I am very tech savvy and certain I could pick it up without complication.

Thank you for considering my resume for the position, I hope you will recognize the potential in my Corporate America experience, as well as my volunteerism.

Warmest Regards,
Jennifer Green
(954) 445-1789

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