Mak & Ger

I am interested in learning more about your company and your search for a Salesforce administrator. I have been working as a fundraiser for more than 15 years, but I am currently seeking out a career change, looking for positions where my experience and diverse skill set can translate. I have worked extensively with several CRM systems. Though I have not worked specifically with Salesforce, I feel comfortable navigating through new systems and find most have commonalities that make it easy to jump right in and use any system. I’d like to hear more about what you are looking for.

Having worked in small fundraising offices, where I wore many hats I have learned to manage multiple tasks, moving between priorities to ensure timely completion of projects with tight deadlines. Through not only my work experience, but my involvement as a board member, volunteer and committee leader, I know what it takes to accomplish strategic goals.

Thank you for your time and please let me know if I can provide any additional information. Sincerely, Karma Vowell

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