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Look no further… – Hire My Mom

Look no further…

April 30, 2018

Dear Leigh,

Upon reading your unique job listing on hiremymom.com, I immediately felt compelled to apply. For the past 10 years, after having separated from the “Corporate World” to be a stay at home mom, I have been operating my own Virtual Assistant business. I am currently seeking a work-from-home career wherein I can serve as a valued team member/player and contribute to the growth of the organization while enhancing my personal growth as well. Over the next three years, I hope to be in a stable position which allows me to help others achieve their business goals while allowing me to be flexible with my home life which enables a feasible work-life balance.

I notice that your organization has 4 core values. The one that initially stuck out to me and that I can easily relate to is the value of one being SMART. Being smart does not just deal with possessing general knowledge or the inner workings of a company or organization. Rather, living smart often requires one to think ahead, foresee challenges and anticipate being called upon with a solution to such challenges. In any business, but moreover in the customer service industry, we must always be mindful that our co-workers are our internal CLIENTS or customers. One should be able to recognize the importance of dealing with team members in positive and honest fashion, while simultaneously being able to embrace constructive feedback.

That said, kindly consider my resume which details my skills. Throughout my education, employment and from what I have learned in running my own small business, I have developed strong leadership, communication, technical and organizational skills. I am eager and able to work with people of diverse backgrounds and feel that my versatility within the field of Marketing and Communications warrants me to be an asset.

Since having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communications [with a minor in Public Relations and Marketing] I have perfected my communication management skills. This includes writing and editing copy, creating press releases, generating articles and newsletters, and most recently, calendar ownership. I also possess skills in creating and editing videos, and Vlogs. With excellent oral, written, and kinesthetic skills, I am eager to generate new and creative ideas. I am confident that I can bring tremendous energy and enthusiasm for this position and feel that your company deserves an applicant with these attributes.

My salary requirements are flexible. I will share with you that I have been earning in the range of $20 – $30 USD per hour. I noticed that your position compensation falls within this range, and the description of the duties involved seem to be a perfect fit for my current skillset.

Attached is a short video along with my professional credentials for your review and consideration. Additionally, I invite you to CLICK HERE to view my website which may answer any other questions you may have. I welcome an opportunity to speak with you to further discuss my qualifications may align perfectly with your job requirements. I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

To Your Success!

Tasha T. Hart
Owner/Lead Virtual Assistant
SMAART Solutions AND Multi-Media Services
757.528.8434 (OFFICE)
Email me! Tasha@YourSmaartVaSolution.com
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Look No Further

I would like to offer my candidature for your position of Customer Service Representative.

I strongly believe that the combination of my innate talents, character, and work experience all make me an ideal candidate for this role in which I am eagerly applying. Through my educational background and employment history, I have developed the practice of working efficiently and effectively. My various work experiences provide me with the ability to be adaptable and positively interact with a variety of cultures and personalities. What I am lacking in experience, I excel at quickly understanding and obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills.

I enjoy learning and thrive when challenged. Most of my previous jobs have required a high standard of customer service skills and positive public interactions.

I am confident when given the opportunity you will find me to be a worthy employee and an asset to your organization. I hope you will consider me for this position. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing my qualifications in more detail.

Ellen Byrd

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