List Building

Hi there Tami!

I really like what you are doing! Your story sounds so inspirational and really hits home for me! Being a busy and newly single mom, dealing with kids’ schedules and family, having been through some seriously bad bouts of postpartum depression, and ALWAYS looking for my glasses! Just the short video you had on your website was like a boost of inspiration! Amazing, bravo!

I would really like to be a part of your team and assist with the contact research. I have done similar tasks to this, with locating venues and individuals concerning speaking (and other types) of engagements. I am really in to research and can whip together a color-coded spreadsheet in no time! I also have a working history with MailChimp.

It would be such a great opportunity and privilege to have a chance to work with you. I hope to be able to speak with you regarding potentially moving forward.

Brittany B.

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