Lesli Brown Social Media Cover Letter


I’d like to introduce you to a little bit about me and why I’m applying for your Social Media position……..

I had an extensive career as a web designer and I currently do that on a freelance basis, but as the online market has changed, I have shifted my skills to include social media development as well. However that only supplies me with a little bit of work so I’m looking to find a more permanent position or a part-time position that will supplement the current work I have for my own clients!

I currently manage several different accounts for social media, some are mine, some are for other clients.

I would love to talk about your position to discuss your requirements and goals for your brand and see if I can assist in that process!

Please give me a call to set up a meeting to see if I would be a good fit for your open position because I would love to discuss your opening.

Thank you and all the best,

Lesli S. Brown

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