Layers of Happiness – Administrative Assistant

Hi. I am applying for this position because I am a mom who is very health conscious. I work out regularly, cook healthy meals daily, and am always looking for new ways to make my food healthier, without sacrificing taste. I eat and cook grain free, low carb, and low sugar, and am always experimenting with new recipes and refining ones I have in order to make them better tasting.

I have a Marketing background with experience developing new product opportunities for the Consumer Products Industry. I also have experience creating and writing marketing materials, have begun using Photoshop to create ads and graphics, and use the web and social media platforms.

I feel I have the skills, background and interest in healthy eating; which would all make me an excellent candidate for this position. Please contact to talk further about how I can be a benefit to your business.

Thank you.

Julie Peters
(847) 431-9820

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