Layers of Happiness

April 8, 2016

Samantha Duryea
302 Cambridge Drive
Gibsonia, PA 15044
(336) 264-7842

Emily Loving
Layers of Happiness, LLC

Dear Ms. Loving:

I am writing to apply for the open Virtual Assistant position at Layers of Happiness. I am a new mom to an almost one-year-old daughter. I spent the past four years teaching social studies at the secondary level and used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest both as a tool for reaching out to students and for personal use.

As a new mom, one of my new goals is to provide a healthy lifestyle not just for my daughter, but for my husband and myself as well. I search through all forms of social media to find healthy, wholesome recipes to nourish my little family. I, like your blog, aim, and sometimes struggle, to find a balance between healthy and sweet, making your blog a great fit with my lifestyle. For example, we attempted to live a Paleo lifestyle a few years back, but after a few months, we realized that it was not financially possible for us, and, frankly, we missed bread too much! Instead, we still borrow some elements from the Paleo diet and incorporate them into a simpler, yet nutritious diet, while indulging in some sweets, too.

In innumerable ways, my experience as a high school teacher has prepared me for the demands of the administrative assistant position. Teaching has taught me to be self-motivated, pay close attention to detail, and prioritize to create lesson plans and grade papers on a deadline. Lecturing on the same material three times per day entails transforming technical language and jargon into consumable pieces of information that the everyday person can understand, as well as being creative and innovative to make the repetition of teaching the same subject interesting for both myself and my students. Likewise, as a teacher, I have found ways to be productive at all times of the day and in varying settings. My background as an educator gives me a toolbox of skills that I believe suits me well for joining your team at Layers of Happiness.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon to schedule an interview.


Samantha Duryea

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