Lauren Fitzpatrick McConnell – Cover Letter – Optimized Assets

Dear Optimized Assets Team,
My name is Lauren and I am deeply interested in the Internet Marking
Specialist position at your Digital Marketing Agency. My previous two and a half years’ experience working in a fast-paced, team-driven environment has given me a clear foundation of online tactics & success. I love to brainstorm and strategize, as well as work diligently on projects that range from SEO and social media to writing and analytics. I bring with me an organized, detailed work ethic and the following experiences I believe are necessary for

• Strategy – Over 3 years of creative strategic brainstorming efforts
to further social media and search engine optimization that I believe
set the building block for success in all areas of business innovation.
• Leadership – Having managed interns, other employees, and
athletes, I am aware of the work ethic needed to go above and
beyond—exceed expectations, meet deadlines and preform quality,
goal-driven work.
• Passion – My extensive years as a student athlete, both in high
school and college, have instilled an irreplaceable sense of devotion,
sacrifice and love for your craft. This passion can be translated into
the full commitment and dedication I give to my work-families.

Additionally, my previous experience working for a marketing firm that
focused on attaining only qualified leads is in line with your mission – to use breakthrough lead generation strategies to get more qualified leads. This mindset and mission – to generate a certain degree of lead excellence when optimizing – is something that I value.

Additionally, please find my resume attached. I appreciate your time and consideration and very much look forward to hearing from you.

Lauren Fitzpatrick McConnell

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