Laura Towers’s Mama’s Best Friend Cover Letter

Laura M. Towers
1094 Skyway Drive
Annapolis, MD 21409

November 14, 2017

Devon Clement
Mama’s Best Friend

Dear Ms. Clement,

I am writing to request consideration for the Virtual Assistant position posted on I currently serve as a Virtual Assistant for a magician and a Brand Ambassador for a winery and am seeking additional part time employment. My background in customer service coupled with my passion for all things “baby” and “mommy” makes me confident that I possess the skills and attitude you are seeking for the Virtual Assistant position.

As Virtual Assistant for corporate magician Alexander Great, I complete myriad tasks each week, typically without regular communication with Mr. Great who often performs overseas where he is not easily reachable. Alexander relies on me to maintain client and fan communications, complete projects, and fix issues that arise while he is away. He knows that he can trust me to solve problems on my own, but that I will seek his input when appropriate. My duties for Mr. Great include compiling prospective client lists, calling prospective clients, writing sales funnel emails, posting content on social media, and more. While working for Alexander, I have learned to use a host of computer applications, including WordPress, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft and LinkedIn. I also use Asana to keep track of my duties.

The sales and customer service experience I have acquired working for Mr. Great translate nicely into the Brand Ambassador position that I also currently hold. As Brand Ambassador for Maryland winery Boordy Vineyards, I visit wine and liquor stores to sell Boordy’s wines and promote the winery. In addition to allowing customers to sample the wines, I educate them about wine making in Maryland and encourage them to visit the winery. I am often the first point of contact in a long term relationship that evolves between the customer and the winery. I am sure that I could be a great initial point of contact for your clients, as well, especially because as a mom I can empathize with many of their concerns!

I would be happy to further discuss my qualifications for the Virtual Assistant position with you personally at your convenience. Please contact me to arrange an interview or to ask any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Laura M. Towers

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