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To the Search Committee:

I am interested in applying for the language teacher position. I am attracted to this job because I have absolutely loved teaching and I’d like to do more. From teaching English online to cooking classes, I enjoy getting to know students, supporting them in their learning journey, and learning about their lives. For the past year I’ve focused on teaching English to people from around the world, including many students from China. I love what I do, and due to the limited hours available at my current position I am seeking additional opportunities. The paragraphs below outline my reasons for believing I am an ideal candidate for this job.

I earned B.A.s in Symbolic Systems and in Spanish in May of 2014. For my degree in Symbolic Systems I took classes in linguistics, writing, and philosophy of language. For my Spanish degree, I took several classes in Hispanic and Latin American culture and history, and did a one-semester study abroad in Ecuador. These experiences helped me understand the variety of cultural differences that exist, and to have compassion and understanding for the experiences of students learning a foreign language. I also took a Microaggressions workshop, and have more than 25 days of training in Non-Violent Communication, both of which help me connect better with students and increase my cultural sensitivity. During my college career, I took over 20 classes that utilized BBLearn (an online learning platform), some as supplements to in-person classes, and some as completely online classes with forums and video lectures, journals, drop boxes, and readings. In addition to BBLearn, I have also taught in person, via phone, Skype, Adobe Connect, and EF’s online platform.

I have enjoyed my experiences working with children. Volunteering for 4H and the local elementary and middle schools has contributed to my sense of community. I feel happy about helping young people grow and I appreciate knowing the people they are. I hope to continue my interests—teaching and working with children—in this work.

Thank you for your time in considering my application.


R. Tess Jones

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