Kira Bethers Cover Letter

Kira Bethers
3990 W. 4450 S.
West Haven, Utah 84401
June, 20, 2016

Dear Potential Employer,
I have enclosed my resume as you requested, providing you with in-depth information on the 10 years I have spent dealing with the public, as well as the internet for the past 4 years and most currently my experience as an Operations Manager/Executive assistant. Throughout this time, I have successfully resolved clients concerns and accurately recorded complex phone calls with consistent praise from my supervisors. I also have learned quite a bit about how to manage my time wisely and deduct what is the most important information to record and process. I have razor sharp time management skills and am very organized.

My passion is helping people in general which has leaded me to get EMT certified. I love deductive reasoning and being able to know exactly what to do in a stressful situation has really helped me in life overall. Previous jobs I have had always needed me to set up conferences with people across the world and has lead me to have excellent customer service skills on the phone and when I am trying to fix a problem when a client is on the phone. This has become invaluable as I try to make myself a better Executive Assistant. I have been able through trial and error find out what works best with my current employer and learn to do things his/her way and get things done on time.

Not only have my other jobs taught me to conduct myself well on the phone, but also through Email which is becoming increasingly popular in this day and age. I have been able to solve a problem effectively through email correspondence as well as on the phone. Being under pressure in jobs has helped me realize that it’s ok to be under pressure and work well under it.
I have enhanced each company’s reputation, keeping existing customers satisfied and transforming first-time buyers into loyal, repeat purchasers. I keep a level head no matter how bad the stress is and I work even better under pressure. I would appreciate the chance to do the same for you and hope you will be in touch with me shortly so that we can discuss possible jobs and you can experience my skills on a first-hand basis.
Kira Bethers

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