Kicking World Cover Letter

January 2nd, 2016

Kicking World
1450 Market St #629
San Diego, CA 92101

Mr. Brent Grablachoff,

After carefully reviewing the job requirements for the position of the Executive Assistant to the CEO for your company, Kicking World, I believe that I would be the perfect fit for the job. As an English major in college, I know how to effectively communicate with others and have mastered the editing process. I have always had a passion for sports, and I agree with the company’s motto that hard work trumps natural talent. I know that I would be successful in this position through hard work and dedication.

Just like Mr. Grablachoff, I am from New Jersey and have worked here most of my life. My resume shows my qualifications and awards and recognition that I have received over the years at my places of work. I am an athlete and have always been active in sports since I was a little girl. I understand the importance of training Football players in helping them succeed not only on the field, but off the field as well. I can handle any task that is thrown my way, and I can also provide references upon request.

I am very tech savvy and great with computer programs such as Word, Power Point, Excel, and I also am up to date on the latest forms of social media. Thank you so much for your time and consideration, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

Veronica Painter

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