Kendra Jarrell Remote Executive Assistant Silicon Legal

I am a goal oriented compassionate wife seeking to re-enter the workforce after five years as a stay at home mom. Sadly, my toddler is now a big kid and left me for higher learning. So thus, a new season of life is opened. Previous to this time, I worked as a nurse. My family is still my priority so I want to be at home when my daughter comes to and from school. This being the case, I am seeking a more flexible work atmosphere than most nursing jobs can provide. But I have learned valuable skills in healthcare that I greatly value. Skills that I believe a transferable in any business. Attributes that make me a stand out among the rest.

How I measure up:
• Self-confident: You are able to communicate professionally and confidently with seasoned business contacts. Heck, you would even impress your state’s governor.
It wasn’t always there. But it certainly is now. I totally carry myself differently than I used to. I wear make-up and jewellery. I do my nails. And I do it all as an expression of home I see myself in the world. I think self-confidence naturally comes after you’ve weathered a few storms and come out the victor. It just gives you the feeling that if I can survive what I just went through, I can do anything.
• Highly communicative: You believe that many issues and challenges do not even arise if you communicate well. You can’t remember the last time of being accused of talking too little.
My husband and I have a motto. It’s better to over-communicate than to assume. So we text throughout the day to keep each other up to date and make sure our family calendar is always collaborated.
• Attention to detail: You love details – if you could, you would grow them in your yard, feed them daily and never let even one get away.
Okay, so I admit it… I love tabs! I get such a rush of excitement when I see an organized tabbed binder with all the fixins’. I always create one whenever we go on vacation. My family comes to expect it now.
• Learning: You thrive on advancing your skills and knowledge and have done your share of self-learning.
I spend time every day in self-discovery and reading to learn new things. It keeps life so fresh and exciting!
• Thinking ahead: You enjoy thinking one step ahead for the people you work for, solving needs before those needs even arise in their minds.
I had to do this a lot when I worked in the clinic with the doctor, both in surgeries and at routine office visits. I had to anticipate his needs to be ready when he actually needed it. If I waited until he asked for something it was too late. By thinking ahead, it kept the work flow moving. I found that instrumental in doing this was to learn how things work so you can see the complete picture. If you see the whole picture you can then anticipate and identify gaps. It goes back to being a learner!
• Problem solver: Often take a step back and evaluate how to best solve a given (expected or unexpected) challenge. No matter what went wrong, you believe there is a solution to it and you are going to find it faster than Indiana Jones.
I really learned this quality as a nurse. There are times when you don’t have the resources to get the job done and you have to be creatively resourceful. Because the bottom line is you have to take care of that patient no matter what.
• Reliable and Professional: Within just a few short weeks the person who you are working for will build high-level confidence in you. You wouldn’t be surprised if your boss goes telling her peers that she can leave almost anything to you and know that is going to get done
I highly value professionalism. I have always believed you can be a “professional” no matter what your position or industry. It all comes down to your attitude toward work in general. From the time I was a little girl I can remember my mom teaching me the Bible principle at Colossians 3:23, “whatever you are doing work at it whole-souled as to God and not to men.”
• I can write!: You might not be the next Hemingway, but you enjoy writing well and get mad every time those silly little things called “typos” creep up on you. You take pride in your writing. “u no wh@ we mean, 4 it’s important, r8?”
Funny you should mention it, but I’m contemplating starting a blog. I’ve always enjoyed writing and feel that it’s a beautiful form of expression.
• Listening is an art form: You understand the value of listening and love collecting more information than just the words that are being said.
I’ve often been told I’m a good listener. Or I also get, “I don’t know why I’m talking so much!” I’ve also heard, “I can’t believe I’m telling you all this!” It’s funny how when someone has someone else actually truly engaging him/her in conversation and listening they open right up.
• Technology is fun: You might not have yet earned the honors of being called a “geek” but if someone were to give you a piece of technology (a service, software or hardware), you will eventually make it purr like a cat. We don’t expect me to launch a rocket to the moon, we can leave that to Elon Musk.
My husband is the tech guy in our house. But what I can say for myself is that I have good instincts when it comes to using new software. And I’m not afraid to try!
• Joy of Helping: You can look back in history and find many examples in which you got that boost of feeling great when you helped friend, family member or just a fellow human being to have a better experience.
I do volunteer Bible education work every week. In the past, I’ve helped with hurricane relief efforts and building places of worship. I also provide meals, visit with, and run errands for the sick and infirm. It’s so rewarding to feel that you really make a difference in someone else’s life and that you were the hand of support that the needed at just the right time.

Some duties include:
Communications Management
• Receive and transcribe email dictations that read well and reflect the tone of the Executive
• Create draft email responses for the Executive without error
• Sort through the inbox of the Executive to determine urgent, less urgent and FYI categories of messages
I’ve performed similar duties as nurse for the doctor.

Task Management
• Record all tasks assigned in the task management system
• Prioritize different types of tasks assigned to you and consistently meet deadlines
• Identify and assist in tracking tasks of the Executive
In my position at Village Dermatology one position that I was in was as a Triage nurse. This was mainly a task management role. All work had to then be documented. I found this work very exciting!

Meeting Management
• Expertly maintain and update calendar in a fast paced, multi variant environment
• Schedule meetings and calls based on preferences
• Add or update calendar items
• Confirm meetings in a timely manner
Although it is not listed on my resume, I worked administratively in 2004 for a printing company. My role for this company was mainly in setting up marketing meetings for the executive.
I am enthusiastic about closing knowledge gaps in this area and would look forward to gaining even more experience!

Research management
• Perform various internet based researches
• Perform prospective contact or event research
While working as a Legal Nurse Consultant, I performed extensive internet based research to be done.

• Creation of Value Payload Items (text blurbs on items of value)
• Overviews of consulting/coaching sessions, following a specific format
I have experience as a contributing writer for a certification program.

– you are willing to write a customized response to this job post
Your wish is my command!

– minimum five years of experience as an Administrative Assistant, ideally to an Executive Level position (no prior law firm experience necessary),
I worked for one year in an administrative capacity in 2005. For several years I have run my own home based businesses. And worked on an Executive Level at RN Market and Village Dermatology. So while I might not have the cookie cutter experience, my cumulative experience more than qualifies me.
– minimum one year of prior remote work
While I have never done remote work I am familiar with the principles and possess the qualities needed to be successful. I am familiar with remote work because my husband has worked from home for about 8 years now. We have a dedicated office. We all have our own workstations. My house is quiet at the times I would be working.
Often people that are unable to be successful at working from home can’t discipline themselves to get things done because they don’t draw a line in the sand and say this is work time and this is home time. But I have excellent time management skills. It is a skill I have had to develop. But I run my life with intention, like a business. I’ve found that things are a lot more enjoyable that way.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this! I’m better in person than I am on paper, so I would love the opportunity for an interview. I look forward to helping be the solution to your staffing needs!
Kendra Jarrell

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