Kendra Jarrell Photo School Course

I am a goal oriented compassionate wife seeking to re-enter the workforce after five years as a stay at home mom. Sadly my toddler is now a big kid and left me for higher learning. So thus, a new season of life is opened. Previous to this time, I worked as a nurse. My family is still my priority so I want to be at home when my daughter comes to and from school. This being the case, I am seeking a more flexible work atmosphere than most nursing jobs can provide. But I have learned valuable skills in healthcare that I greatly value. Skills that I believe are transferable in any business. Attributes that make me a stand out among the rest.

So what do you get when you hire this nurse to do the job of an administrative assistant? You get an organized, efficient worker with superb customer service skills that is a joy to work with. I have the ability to both work well and communicate with a team and I have the autonomy to independently problem solve.

I’m better in person than I am on paper, so I would love the opportunity for an interview.Your business sounds so neat. I would love to learn more about it! I look forward to helping be the solution to your staffing needs!

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