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Hi Kelly

My name is Tara Alexandra and I have 16 years of experience, in a virtual capacity, serving clients around the world, and across many industries. Prior to that, I worked in corporate finance in the tech industry.

For detailed information about my background and experience, visit my LinkedIn profile at . I sent you an invite on LinkedIn so we can connect. You’ll find more information beyond that included in the attached resume.

I think my background and expertise would be a perfect fit for your company because of the depth and breadth of my knowledge and experience.

>> I was born in San Diego and grew up in Southern California. I am familiar with the lifestyle and culture although I now reside in Michigan. My dad was a Buddhist and enjoyed lecturing on world religions. I, myself, have studied Tibetan Buddhism and even participated in a small group which met weekly over a period of 10 years via teleseminar (me and a couple coaching colleagues from Coach U in Australia). I have taken a variety of courses through Rigpa, following the teachings of Sogyal Rinpoche. My current spiritual focus in predominantly in another area, however, there’s always a place in my heart for the dharma. Fun fact: I was actually named after the Buddha Tara. My sisters are named Ananda and Nora Maya. So you can see dad’s passion at work!

>> I’m experienced in handling a variety of tasks. I’m a self-starter, detail-oriented, and can easily assess a new situation and ask the right questions to get what I need to complete the project.

>> I have strong communication skills, both written and verbal. I keep in regular contact with my clients to ensure they know the status of tasks and projects. I’m always one step ahead so that I can make their life easier.

>> Strong technical skills make me comfortable with jumping into new systems and learning them. I haven’t used Clickfunnels although I’m actually going thru online training for it right now since another client of mine uses it. I have taken two training courses in Infusionsoft (2015), however, I have not used it with clients. I haven’t used Thinkific, however, I’ve investigated teachable and related platforms. I’m familiar with many systems in terms of what they do and how they function even if I haven’t used them directly with clients. I’m not afraid of learning new technology and it’s something that I enjoy. I’ve used or have familiarity with the other systems you named. As for graphics, I’ve created them in Canva, Snappa, and Adobe Elements and have taken training in that area as well.

>> I have outstanding personal and professional references as well as testimonials from coaching, consulting, and business service clients. I have over a hundred testimonials on LinkedIn and here is a sample of some of them:

I know I would be a great asset, even beyond the requirements of what you’re looking for. And, the added benefit is that I actually have a familiarity with your area of focus based on real experience with studying and “sitting on the cushion.”

Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff

If you would like to chat, please schedule an appointment with me at >>>

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