Kay-lynne Taylor Cover Letter 2018

December 07, 2018

Employer/Human Resources Department

Dear Employer:
It is with enthusiasm that I post this cover letter and my resume for review. I value the opportunity to assist employers using my professional customized customer service approach complemented by my positivity and kind spirit to demonstrate results.

I want to help increase productivity, positivity, and enhance growth and profitability for employers. I hope to have the opportunity to inspire your audiences and help your company reach new heights as I deliver real-world, practical and actionable takeaways to best meet your job needs.

I am a skilled editor, graphic designer, social media expert, public speaker, presenter, assistant, consultant and leadership educator. I believe in boosting company productivity, solving problems with the best solutions and using grit and organization to amp up your immediate and long-term success. I have one goal – the success of the individual employer I assist as I strive to show that life is a collaboration; we cannot do it alone. I am focused on making every minute count and my principles of practice and core values align with being a strong assistant. I stand for productive leadership and delivering proactive content. After more than 1,200 presentations and many websites and social media channels, I can research, design and deliver a dynamic promotional-based material tailored to strategic engagement and business principles. My materials hit a company’s objectives while being entertaining, on-point, and applicable. I am adept at developing materials and editing documents evaluating the essential points necessary for the highest performance standards expected.

I am experienced working with highly skilled leaders and use my experience to facilitate the project at hand. Instead of “canned’ materials, documents or presentations I design materials to meet your needs and achieve the highest outcomes for various initiatives. My personal philosophy of fostering excellence uses global influence methodologies and high-performance practices to help awaken audiences to possibilities tied to the company’s mission. I am resilient, self-assured and prepared to assist with your project. Powerful stories can help the audience retain key points, so I use captivating stories for real takeaway value. I am also a trained leadership facilitator who helps maximize the company’s strengths to support new levels of success.

There is joy in being a successful virtual assistance. My energy and inspiring approach allow me to emphasize this joy to address the uniqueness of each project tailored to various audiences or purposes. I offer creativity for project development, enhancement and completion. I am skilled at creating interactive, fun, and clear communication materials and products. My clients note being fired up, energized, and ready to reach new heights in business when they hire me.

As an assistant I use high-energy, with powerful content focusing on success. I developed, led and performed fundraising initiatives on assertive timelines, managed program development timelines and taught courses. I set achievable measurable goals for relevant messaging that resonated with individuals. I am keenly interested in using the reach and promise of technology and innovative techniques for communication delivery. My additional strengths include my artistic background, service expertise and strong relationship-building skills, to cultivate long-term partnerships to promote knowledge and success applied to real-world challenges. During my career I nurtured an extensive community and professional network. Using a personal touch permeates my work. I look forward to the project.

Kay-lynne Taylor

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