Just Escape Travel cover letter

Andrea Wong
6430 Prescott St. Chino, CA 91710 | 951-212-0812 | andreawongg@aol.com

May 10, 2017

Michelle Brath
Chief Escape Organizer
Just Escape Travel
San Diego, CA

Dear Michelle Brath,

It is what I do.
Not in the sense of actually leaving my house, but every day I dream of the best and most glorious trips anyone could ever dream of. Whether it’s backpacking, seeing the wonders of the world, or just plain ol’ trips out of town, I can never get enough of the excitement and adventure that comes with travel.
Being young and ambitious I always find myself exploring every social media outlet I can to find the newest and most unique place I could find myself at. My personal pages show my love for travel, adventure, and my ability to attract others to my visions as my followers are never disappointed.
Although my experience may be lacking in some areas, I have proven to be a self-driven individual ready to tackle anything thrown my way. I easily adapt to any situation that is given to me and can easily learn any new skill needed for the job. I am proactively searching to better myself in both the professional and personal aspects and that always pours over into my work.
Finally, my outgoing and upbeat personality will be projected through my posts and felt every day through all business communication. I am very excited to learn more about Just Escape Travel and appreciate the opportunity to build and grow with your business. I look forward to following up about the Marketing and Social Media Manager position.

Andrea Wong

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