Robin Easton
13650 N Reformatory Rd.
PO Box 301
Okarche, OK 73762
(405) 618-3540

July 20, 2018

First, a big thank you!

Thank you for taking the time and looking over my resume. I truly do appreciate this opportunity!

As a mother of four girls, it’s hard to keep up of with babysitters, school schedules, and sicknesses. I am always on the go with appointments for my kiddos. So, looking for a job from home is one of the best options I can look forward too!

I currently do not have any type of degree. I do have experiences in clerical work, customer service, and office/management type. I do have my CNA license. It is hard to find a job that can work with the hours I need. I miss being able to help individuals who cannot or unable to help themselves in daily living.

I am computer savvy, and can navigate through Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Google Sheets and Google Docs. I am quite fluent with Gmail and working off my smartphone and laptop.

Again, thank you for an opportunity of employment with your company! I would love to grow and learn more with the company and come part of the team/family!



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