Julie Spear: Project Manager for ECommerce Marketing Company

Dear Julie,
This letter is in response to the position of Project Manager for ECommerce Marketing Agency within your organization.

Currently I am working part time for an Entrepreneur as a Client Success Director. I am currently seeking full time employment in the Marketing space.

I have a master’s degree and have had the amazing opportunity to lead, for four years as a Director for a federally funded grant for children in poverty. The project was quite large in scope and as the Director I was in charge of implementation, management of the budget monthly, the gathering of yearly research, and filing reports to identify to the degree in which project goals and objectives were meet. I had to forge relationships in the community and ensure partnerships as well as conduct interviews and hire an entire staff. During the summer I managed about 30 employees and around 35 students. Before I resigned I wrote a 5-year, million-dollar Math and Science grant for my program and the University; which was funded. I understand the process of project management from gathering research, formulating ideas, generating a budget, and formulating obtainable and measurable goals. I also understand how vital communication and trustworthiness are to an organization as I had to develop and maintain relationships with partners within the University who assisted the grant in meeting its objectives, partnerships with community members, parents, teachers, staff, and children. I also have held a position in sales and have currently been a freelance marketer for the last two years.

I truly believe with my combined experience: background in project management, sales, and marketing that I would make an excellent addition to your team if given the chance to interview for the position.


Amie Orr

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