J.P. Chartier – THE cover letter

Dear future manager,

Thank you. No really, thank you for taking the time to open this up. I can imagine that you’re busy; that you’ve read more résumés in the past few days and weeks than the skies have stars.

By opening THIS particular cover letter, I hope to have provided you with an opportunity to make your job a little easier. I could tell you how excited I am to work for you, with you, and most importantly for your team and the clients that you serve. I could tell you about my awards, my involvement with charities and volunteerism, my organisational and motivational skills, my business and corporate experience, or the wonderful growth path that I have been travelling every day of my life.

Instead, I will humbly submit my application to be part of your wonderful team and hope to share what I can give back during an interview. I’d love the opportunity to contribute and be part of your team.

Warm June regards,

J.P. Chartier

J.P. Chartier
3356, rue Dubé
Québec City, Québec
G1M 3T3
(418) 473-3690

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