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Peggy Adams
July 6, 2018
Joy and Laughter Developmental Therapy 826 N. Winchester Blvd., Suite 2G
San Jose, CA 95128
Dear Joy and Laughter Developmental Therapists,
Joy and Laughter Developmental Therapy looks like a fabulous clinic for parents to obtain
quality care tailored to their chid’s individual needs. Several of my experiences have prepared me to understand and write quality, meaningful blog posts about how various therapies would benefit families.
Primarily, working in educational settings for the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to observe the need for developmental therapy and have seen the great benefits that it can provide for children. I have sought the advice and knowledge of various therapists to aid students under my care. Also, I’ve had family and friends who have benefitted greatly from PT, OT and Speech Therapies.
Another preparatory experience was my role as a Clinical Dietitian at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. I often worked closely with speech therapists to aid head trauma patients lead a more independent life.
Most recently, I have researched and interviewed OT’s, PT’s and Speech Therapists to help my college-bound daughter learn about these roles. We have interviewed professionals in these fields, and shadowed them. I have found each therapy job to be extremely interesting and such a great help to children. It seems that most everyone could benefit in some way from learning more about what benefits OT, PT and Speech Therapy can provide.
Finally, I have written and published numerous newsletters to convey compelling information for a vibrant nonprofit organization. I have much experience writing to produce relevant, interesting content that compels readers to action.
I would welcome an opportunity to discuss writing blog content for this vibrant therapy group, and would be excited to have the platform of helping parents understand how your services could help their child.
Kind regards,
Peggy D. Adams
1723 Mud Splash Road Glendale, KY 42740 270-300-4734

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