JN Cover Letter

Hello Jennifer.

I saw your posting and I believe I may be uniquely qualified for this position. My background is in cosmetic product development and I have been running my own consulting company for the last 5 years, working with smaller boutique and indie brands. Prior to starting my own consulting company, I got my start in development working for larger companies assisting in the development of high quantity product assortments.

Being that I am very familiar with the entrepreneurial spirit of starting and developing a small brand, I think that I can provide some valuable insight working on your team. Working with smaller brands requires me to get all hands on deck and participate in every part of the business. With that I have learned a lot and expanding my knowledge past just product and package development.

I am very familiar with a subscription based platform since one of my more recent clients has a monthly liquid lipstick club. I have worked closely with the brands social media teams and well as coordinate and execute my own social media and website updates. I am super creative and have a ton of ideas for fun ads to help drive traffic to your website.

As requested, I looked at your sight and here are 3 things I recommend to bring in more paying customers, from my first glance:

1. Update your initial landing page. When you click on the light you just see these 3 lipstick bullets. I think it should be more interactive and provide some click bate to get customers to explore the sight more and find products they want to buy.
2. Overall sight updates with new product shots that are styled and targeted toward that natural customer. Online consumers shop with their eyes so product shots should be styled to draw them in.
3. Packaging Update – consumers love pretty packaging and there are so many options out there including decoration or adding beautiful custom labels to stock packaging.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope to speak with you soon and get a chance to help you grow your business.

Tamika Cooper
Ph: 310-721-1269

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