Jennifer Hodges – Edmit Cover Letter

Hi there Sabrina –

Attached, you’ll find my resume and all the meat and potatoes of my experience in higher education. I spent a lot of time as an Admissions Counselor, learning the ins and outs of financial aid – primarily federal – after navigating it as a novice during my years as a student. College is definitely one of the first huge, potentially life altering decisions that a student makes, and funding the right fit is something I care about personally, and know about professionally.

Now, social media and writing and creating fun, engaging content is something I just love and often do to fill my cup in my personal time. A previous boss saw that and gave me an opportunity to cultivate those skills as a sideline position to my Admissions role. Today, I regularly create email campaigns, crafting quirky copy that matches brand tone, and work with an awesome creative team to design graphics, and work on pitches daily.

Thank you for the time and consideration. And happy FRIDAY!

Jennifer Hodges

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