Hi there,

I wanted to give a little bit of information about myself so that you can easily see if I could be a match for your company. I would love the opportunity to learn more about what your company does and how I can help you.

I have spent many years working in a corporate position, and have gained a lot of important skills along the way. Communication is the top most important skill to me, with organization and meeting deadlines right behind that.

I take pride in all work that I do, as I believe your work speaks about who you are as a person. I am more than capable of learning new skills, and software at a fairly quick pace, but I am also not afraid to ask questions when I don’t understand something.

I love meeting new people and building relationships with people that I come in contact with along my journey. It truly is so important to be kind to one another and I spent many years working through customer service and support building an awesome rapport with customers, speaking on a level that is not only equal to my own but also so that they would understand.

I have had several years of documentation and research along the way as well. This is what has taught me the skills I have to find an answer to anything I struggle understanding. I am a problem solver by nature and I feel that I let that show in my work. I enjoy learning new things, getting results, and putting smiles on peoples faces. I love the feeling of accomplishing what I have set out to do and helping as many people as I can in the process.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you have, or to reach out and let me know how I can help! I look forward to meeting with you and the opportunity to make your business succeed.

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