Internet Marketing Specialist – Lisning Group

Hi Steven,

Upon reviewing your posting for an Internet Marketing Specialist, I was eager to send in my application. As a full-time entrepreneur who is currently studying under the guidance of online mentors and influencers, I am constantly gaining the latest information for effective marketing for an online coaching business.

With my experience as a virtual assistant, I helped clients strengthen their online presence through product launches, customer relations, sales support, and market research. In relation to the opportunity of working with Lisning Group, having a clear team vision/goal is something that drives me to show up every day. I am exceptional is converting a vision into strategic and measurable milestones. I currently manage an email, facebook, and Instagram group with a commendable engagement rate that continuously builds the coach’s reputation and connection with the audience. My experiences in content creation range from written content, compelling images, and catchy video snippets. I am skilled in creating new content as well as repurposing old company content into updated or new formatting.

Moreover, I’ve had the opportunity to build connections with various web-based coaches as well as coaches wishing to establish an online presence. My current connections work in varying niches such as mental health, personal development, fitness, and business coaching.

With this in mind, I am excited to extend my record of contribution in order for Lisning group to reach excellent heights in the chosen marketing strategy.

Thank you for your consideration.


Patricia Refuerzo

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