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Internet Marketing Specialist – Hire My Mom

Internet Marketing Specialist

Hi Willow,

I would like to enthusiastically throw my hat in the ring for the social media/internet specialist position you have available. I believe I could contribute my years of experience and expertise to help grow your business.

Currently, I am the content manager for Thyroid Pharmacist. Having worked there for over a year now in the health and wellness field (which I’m passionate about) has been such an enlightening experience. Dr. Izabella Wentz is all about finding the root cause of thyroid disorders, so I am very knowledgeable and supportive of that approach to health.

I love collaboration and having the ability to take initiative on projects. It’s so important to me to be an integral part of a company’s success and vision.

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to talking with you about this position and the future of Desert Willow Botanicals!


Heather Eagar

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Internet Marketing Specialist


It is with great pleasure and excitement I to submit my resume. My more than eight years in marketing and public relations has given me solid experience in creating and distributing marketing content across digital channel platforms such as social media, e-mail and website and the opportunity to work in programs like CRM and ExactTarget. I particularly have a passion for digital marketing, audience engagement, managing campaigns and tracking results, which I believe makes me the ideal candidate.

I have been recognized by both my peers and my parent company as being innovative, energetic and a strong leader. I single handedly build the digital marketing platform for Wild Adventures Theme Park, becoming a model for all other properties in the company. Due to my insights and innovation, our park led the company in web development, customer metrics, content creation and client segmentation. I took the property’s e-mail program to new heights, totaling 2.2 million sends, driving more than $377,000 in revenue and leading the company in both unique click thru rates and click-to-open rates in 2015.

Working in a small department with gigantic dreams has challenged me to innovate, work autonomously, juggle tasks and to figure things out, all while maintaining a cool head. In short, I am comfortable adapting to new processes and programs.

Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications. I look forward to speaking with you soon to address any questions you may have.

Micha Hogan

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Internet Marketing Specialist

Dear Tim,
I am interested in applying for your internet marketing opportunity. I have just completed my certificate in Digital Marketing from Champlain College and I’m eager to put all my new experience to use. Aside from my recent education accomplishment I have several years of experience in merchandising- both wholesale and consumer side, in which I created and merchandised catalog layouts, merchandised websites, organized photo shoot details, provided digital assets coordination and assisted with copy content.
Over the years I have been in several marketing roles or in marketing supporting roles which have built the skill set I have today. I have a passion for digital marketing because I enjoy the instant results and the measurable ROI that can be quickly obtained. I have a passion for customer marketing and understanding a product’s target audience to allow more engagement and targeted marketing plans. I have always had a passion for merchandising because I’m a visual person.
With my skill set and passion for the industry I align well with what you are searching for for this position.
• Relevant experience in ecommerce, email campaigns and trend & marketing analysis
• Experience in direct marketing (catalog) and web merchandising
• Understanding of SEO, SEM, CPC, PPC and web development
I’m eager to continue to learn and evolve. I look forward to speaking with you further about this opportunity.
Thank you for your time.
Michelle Russell

Reference letters available upon request

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Internet Marketing Specialist

October 23, 2015

RE: Internet Marketing Specialist

Dear Sally Van Dyke,

Your role of Internet Marketing Specialist you are currently seeking to fill is very appealing to me and please accept my candidacy for the position with your company.

In seeking a challenging and fulfilling role, I seek to apply my experience, knowledge and broad set of skills to help your organization grow, expand and be more profitable.

My most recent work experiences have included managing the social media marketing aspects for a business start-up in the hospitality business, as well as serving numerous contractual clients in a range of graphic design, communication and marketing roles. This experience and skills is a great match with the qualifications and requirements of the position you are seeking to fill.

Additional value that I can provide to your organization is in a range of complementary skills and competencies I can add to your team including extensive knowledge of online marketing campaigns, specialized social media software and tools, and general branding and customer service experience.

My personality and personal traits are extremely amicable and I enjoy working in a team setting and collaboration, while also being totally comfortable working independently with minimal supervision, and being very driven and task/objective oriented in my organization and planning.

It would be my pleasure to get together for a personal skype or phone interview.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Brenda Willett

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