Inspire Active Wear

Amanda Maxwell
3401 South Ash St,
Denver, CO 80222

Dear Inspire Active Wear,

I am very interested in this position for a copywriter for your media kit. I am confident that with my background and skills I can meet the needs of capturing the essence and mission of your brand.

For the last two years I have worked as a content curator, editor and writer for both my personal blog and a contributor for a national blog chain. As a blogger and writer, I have written varied content within the context of fashion, parenting, lifestyle and health and wellness. While my previous writing experience is in fashion and lifestyle I am confident that my skills are transferable to diverse topics for varied audiences. A focus on SEO, topic research, creating captivating graphic and audience engagement are an integral part of each posts I have written and published for both my own blog and as a contributor to other blogs. I am a passionate, concise, thoughtful and articulate writer who excels in time management and great attention to detail.

Additionally, I have successfully managed multiple social media accounts and grown an engaged and active audience of over 13K followers. Embracing the ever-changing landscape of social media takes time, effort and the ability to think creatively. As a zealous and ambitious content curator I am resourceful and innovative in my brainstorming and marketing ideas.

Being an active mama who loves athleisure I am drawn to the style and look of the brand. And as a human I love the idea of using this platform for betterment of the environment and our fellow women.
Thank you for this opportunity to apply for this position. I am eager to use my skills to help your company and look forward to hearing back from you.

My media kit is available for a glimpse and idea. As your company and brand are much different than mine this would serve only as an example.
Many Thanks-
Amanda Maxwell

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