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Dear Joel,

I am applying for the virtual executive assistant job, and after reading your description, I believe I’d be a good fit.

I worked in Seattle for 20 years mostly doing administrative work as you can see on my resume attached (7 years in biotech corporate communications and four years in healthcare technology). I’ve been working with a virtual business, Rover.com, for the past three years as a dog sitter and walker so being virtual is natural for me. More recently, I made the change to the Atlanta area and have a place just outside the city. I’d love to support a business from home as it suits my personality type and mindset more.

For more information on my relevant skills for the position, referring to the PTSO and Cell Therapeutics, Inc., job duties listed on my resume will zoom you in on the supportive and guiding role I’ve played that would be of benefit to your business goals.

The first Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire in the title role is probably my favorite superhero film. Walking dogs and yoga are activities I look forward to doing. In addition, I love studying nutrition and have taken an online health coaching class that brought me to a greater awareness of health. If I can be of any help in providing you more information about myself, please let me know.


Jennifer Robertson

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September 7, 2018
To Whom It May Concern,
Please accept my application for the position of executive assistant to the CEO at your two companies. I found your job posting on HireMyMom.com, and I’m pleased to say that my skills match your requirements. I have had more than eight years of experience in administrative roles. I am well-versed in all the miscellaneous duties this job can entail. I am extremely well organized and have a proven track record working with people from all walks of life.
In light of the fact that I have worked as a preschool teacher and a professional volunteer at my children’s schools for the past thirteen years, I think the most appropriate Superhero would be Elastigirl from The Incredibles. She is capable of stretching herself as far as necessary and yet always brings everything back to working order. I have successfully run my household, kept many preschool students safe and happy and brought the PTA at my children’s elementary school back from the depths of despair. Just keeping all of these roles running efficiently has been a feat of epic proportions.
My free time is pretty busy between working out in my personal gym (my husband calls it the Man Cave), walking my dog and shuttling my three kids to and from after-school activities. As far as movies go, I have a difficult time staying awake to finish them. While my favorites would be too many to list, the top few are Talladega Nights, Star Wars (IV, V, VI), Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark, and, of course, The Incredibles.
In my previous roles as an executive assistant, I handled all of the required duties, and more, with great capability. I was frequently praised for my ability to handle complex tasks and solve problems without requesting input, but also maintain an awareness of when input may be desired. In short, as an executive assistant, I am efficient, attentive, and competent. Finally, I have all the basic skills necessary for the role
I am eagerly anticipating having a follow up conversation with you about how I can help make the CEO’s life a lot easier and more efficient. While I wait for your call, I will be watching my children play Fall sports as well as watching my beloved Crimson Tide play football. Please feel free to contact me at any time…except during a football game.
Lura B. McAdam
(703) 597-1571

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