I’m Your Researcher

Dear Ms Toth,
Please consider me as a candidate to be your research lead. I have many years of experience doing internet research on a wide variety of topics and am highly organized and self-motivated.

If you hire me you can be confident that you have a diligent and trustworthy individual who will seek out the best information there is to find.

Some of the reasons I am well suited for this job include:

• I have years of experience doing extensive internet research on a wide variety of topics that have been consequential in my personal and professional life.
• I am an effective communicator, and have experience working and communicating with a remote team.
• I’m very organized, stay on top of deadlines, and often complete work well before a deadline.
• I am honest, reliable, and trustworthy.

A temporary position is perfect for my needs, and I would look forward to being available for future temporary jobs should the need arise.

I’m certain I can make a positive impact on your life, and help you accomplish your goals. I look forward to hearing from you!

Laura Snell

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