I’m EXACTLY What You Are Looking For!


My name is Theresa and I`m perfect for your position for real estate sales calls.

I have experience in property management and real estate because I have owned my own rental properties and cottages for several years.

I used to work for a real estate agent and assisted the sale of properties through phone calling.

I enjoy communicating and understand the importance of having someone on the phone who is reliable, responsible and knows how to speak with buyers and potential renters who invest large amounts of money.

I can help you and your busy business with:

– Phone call follow up
– Customer Service & Care
– Organizing & managing tasks
– Making sure things get done

I am looking for part time work 10-15 hours per week from home 20$ / hour.

I am mature person with experience. I enjoy communicating and understand the importance of having employees who are reliable, responsible, trust worthy and know how to speak with clients over the phone.

I am a quick learner, I excel on the phone and I am proficient and efficient when it comes to getting things done well without wasting time.

I am open to learning and look forward to connecting with you!

Please call me at 514-684-7725 Terry

Theresa Kubiez

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