Iffel Cover Letter

Hello Hema Dey,
I am applying for the Content / Blog Writers Position for the company, Iffel. I would love to be added as part of your team to create and write content so that your brand can grow.
I have been blogging for over three years now and through that, I have not only found a love for blogging and writing, but I have discovered it is one powerful way to share my voice to my audience. Blogging has become more than just words, it has become a heartbeat to my business.
You are looking for writers who write efficiently and effectively, within the guidelines you provide for them, which I work best in that environment. I have written blog articles for several magazines and other bloggers and know the importance of keeping my writing in your brand’s voice.
My core value is to help my clients succeed on the online space by writing high-quality content that reflects their voice with authenticity. I am deadline focused and always make sure that you get the final say in any work I provide for your company.
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a Minor in English and have dabbled in journalism while I was in college. I have written for multiple magazines and newspapers as I built my portfolio to start my own business. One magazine was through the Air Force Base in Ramstein, Germany, while my husband and I were stationed there from 2011-2013. I wrote human-interest stories and thoroughly enjoyed writing for the newspaper.
I am excited to begin working for Iffel and cannot wait to hear back from the company. Have a wonderful day.

Monica Miller

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