IAMAWESOME and I found your opportunity for a Head of Client Support on HireMyMom.com. Following is the information you requested:

1) You should hire me because I am highly qualified and I believe I would be an excellent Head of Client Support. I have managed teams and provided customer support (both internally and externally) for over 25 years. I have eduction in Project and Process Management and I have the ability to outline exact procedures so that others can follow them. I have been told by supervisors and customers alike that I have a knack for de-escalating angry people and getting to the root cause to resolve issues. I can look past the drama and get to the solution.

2) I have no real background or training in fitness but I am willing to learn.

3) If the system allows, I would offer to run the credit card myself. If it is a matter of lack of funds, I would gently let the customer know that the credit card company has declined the transaction and that they should contact them directly to resolve the matter. I would also ask if there is another form of payment they would like to use. If I am unable to run the card myself, I would ask that the client contact the credit card company to see if there is an issue on their end that might be resolved. If the issue is on our end, I would let them know that we are experiencing a technical issue and I would arrange to contact them as soon as it is resolved.

4) I would follow up with each customer two weeks (or whatever time period is reasonable) after purchase to find out about their experience with our product. I would ask if they would mind filling out a brief testimony sharing their experience. I would create a template in MS Word and convert it to a fillable PDF in Adobe Acrobat. I would store the completed forms in Dropbox in a folder entitled “Testimonials” with each testimonial saved with the file name containing the date and customer name of the testimonial (example: 2016.10.28 DonnaJones.pdf.) This allows you to quickly find testimonials based upon year and month if you want to review all testimonials from a certain year.

5) First I would confirm what the order contained. Next I would I would gently let the customer know that our order form shows that she ordered the streaming version and I would apologize for the error (taking the onus on myself even though it is not my fault because at this point, it doesn’t matter who is at fault, it’s about getting the matter corrected so that the customer is happy. I would explain how she can access the streaming version and ask if she is okay with getting the program in that manner. If she indicated that she really did want the DVD format, I would check the pricing, let her know if there is any difference, get the additional payment if required, and make sure the DVDs were promptly mailed. I would then send her tracking information so that she would be able to track the shipment. I would also follow up the day after delivery was expected to ensure that she did, indeed, receive them. It’s all about letting the customer know that you care and that their transaction is important to you.

If my answers are satisfactory and you would like to further discuss your needs and my ability to fulfill them, please contact me via email (colleenkunze@outlook.com) or telephone (651-233-3222).

Warm Regards,

Colleen Kunze

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