HR Position Cover Letter

Antonietta Galasso
253 Withers Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 | (347) 678-3132 |

To Whom It May Concern:
I’m writing to express my interest in the position you have available. I do have several years of experience in both Human Resources and Accounting. I am organized, dedicated and eager to start my career in Human Resources again.
As you will see there was a gap in my employment. I had taken time off to be a stay at home mother of four (4) girls. Though I had not been in the corporate arena for several years, I was eager to reenter the work world and am excited to advance my career in Human Resources again. I feel this is the perfect way for me to hit the ground with both feet running! I believe that all of my personal and professional experience will make me a great fit for this position.
Antonietta Galasso

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