Hire My Mom Post – PICK Me! Pick ME Molly!

Hi Molly!
SERENDIPITY! So very happy to see this job posting on Hire My Mom! As a writer and artist, I have traveled many roads for personal growth and am excited where this journey is leading.

Based on my skills, your needs and what I see on your website about you and what you do, I believe we are meant to connect!

I love working virtually and have been an entrepreneur most of my life. I have written blogs online for a support group and researched and written a few articles both under my name and as a ghost writer for another professional. Using information in a client’s newsletter series, I edited the information into a book and helped her publish it on Amazon. (Received an Editor credit.) Since September I have been working virtually part time, with an Architect in SC as his Marketing Administrator. I design posts on Linked In and Facebook for him as well as design newsletters, edit writing and lead magnets, and set up automation’s. I have designed forms, opt ins and lead/landing pages. I recently designed a thank you card for his business and a postcard for follow ups. I am also a client liaison; calling new prospects completing project information assessments and following up via phone or email as needed. He has been in the process of setting up a website (already paid for it), and once it is done I will be doing updates and adding content.

Additionally, I built my own (Basic) website which you can view at dare2create.net. I loved doing it! In the past few months I started putting together a few simple videos through a free platform and want to do more with it as well. (You can check me out on FB dare2create.) I also took an extensive seminar on advertising on FB and am starting to utilize the info for advertising and would love to help others with it.

All of this aside, I am looking to do more with another, and am better in conversation than on paper. Give me a call and you will see for yourself. I look forward to talking with you. Resume attached. By the way…love your Tree Philosophy!

Jodie Gibson

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