Heat & Fury Bookkeeper/Accountant

Ms. Fuery,

I would like to submit the attached resume for your Bookkeeper/Accountant position posted through HireMyMom.com. I am hopeful your position is still available and has not been filled.

I am a CPA located in Fulshear, TX, just outside Houston. I have years of experience in all aspects of accounting from general accounting to budgeting and I am knowledgeable with all Microsoft Office products as well as Quickbooks – both desktop and online versions. I work from home so that I can balance work with my two boys and family life. I have a complete home office with printer, efax and everything else needed to run a business. I currently am a bookkeeper/accountant for a local non-profit and we use Quickbooks Online, Dropbox and we communicate through email, texts and phone calls. I am very prepared to take care of any Company’s bookkeeping/accounting needs.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the needs of Heat & Fury. Your products are beautiful and I would love to help move your Company forward.

Michelle L. Hubbard, CPA, FCPA, Cr.FA

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