Cinda R. Bates
2500 Ione Street
Sacramento, CA 95821
Rachael Feldman

July 12, 2017

Dear Ms. Feldman,

I am pleased to submit my CV for your review of my qualifications for the accounting role with your business. I learned about the opportunity which was advertised on the website “Hire My,” as I have been searching for a supplemental income source primarily to catch up on some attorney fees and other obligations following a divorce situation. I looked at your website and I liked what I saw. I am a pharmacist by training and I also have my MBA through the University of Iowa. I am not necessarily looking for something that is as challenging as my day job; just something to supplement income, and this would fit easily with my skill sets. This type of work is also something that I used to be involved with as I worked my way through college a long time ago, so it would be easy for me to pick up and manage.

I have had a long and extensive pharmacy career that spans mostly hospital practice over both clinical and administrative pharmacy functions. My work has also included medication utilization that expands well beyond the confines of the hospital. I find this to be very interesting and challenging where I have been able to utilize my experience and training to benefit patient outcomes and assist the financial health of the organization. My current role is at the corporate level of Sutter Health and I work with many facets of care here in within our system in Northern California.

Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to speaking with you further.

Cinda R. Bates, Pharm.D., MBA

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