Health Enthusiast

My passion for healthy living and eating is enormous. Five years ago when I decided to change my eating habits, I never thought it would change my life. I now live a happy, healthy and organic lifestyle that’s filled with delicious food, lots of yoga and mind awareness.

I am a stay at home mom with a beautiful little human who is 7 months old. I am so grateful to have learned everything I currently know from my wonderful mother. If I am not spending time with my son, I am constantly researching anything and everything that has to do with health;, including but not limited to : new healthy recipes, the latest cancer killer foods, holistic supplements, herbs, products. I am also helping family members overcome certain illnesses with holistic remedies and a food plan.

In my spare time I also teach yoga 1-2 per week. I am a certified vinyasa instructor with two years experience. If you would like to talk to me further about my expertise please contact me directly. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Thank you,
Izabela Pasek

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