Harris Land and Timber Company LLC

Dear Luke,
I was thrilled to see your posting for a part time Office Assistant at Harris Land and Timber Company LLC as I believe I’m an ideal candidate. I am an administrative professional with more than 10 years of diversified experience working for private companies and government agencies. These experiences range from simple data entry to being the executive assistant for a small business owner, and being a business owner myself. This diversification has required me to step into many different roles and helped teach me a flexibility and resourcefulness with unknown tasks.
While I am not US based as requested in the ad, I am located in Canada and am a US citizen. As the majority of my clients are based in the US, I have several US numbers and can provide one to be used by your company and clients exclusively.
Please see my attached resume for a fuller summary of my experience. I am currently self-employed as virtual administrative support and am interested in expanding my clients to include Harris Land and Timber Company LLC. I recently received my Bachelors in Business Management from Colorado State University-Global. Finishing school along with working has greatly increased my time management skills along with providing me with knowledge of current business theories. I believe my large range of experience would be a beneficial addition to your company and would love the opportunity to speak to you further.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sarah Bustamante

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