Hardworking, Adaptable and Experienced

Paola G. Aragon Brown
813-766 4364

Dear Glenn:

I am interested in the Project Manager position with Lead Marketing Consulting and believe that I possess the necessary qualities to be considered for this role.
Over the past six years, I have thrived in the non-profit sector with Lutheran Services Florida (LSF), a refugee and asylee resettlement organization, and in the international business arena with Sysco International Food Group. Both opportunities have greatly assisted in my professional development.
As a part of the immigration department at LSF, I advised prospective clients on the necessary steps to attain vital documents such as residency cards and citizenships. Administrative duties such as managing accounts payable/receivable, immigration law research, coordinating calendars and translating legal documents were also a part of my daily responsibilities.
My current role with Sysco International Food Group has strengthened my managerial skills, database management and requires the meeting of tight deadlines daily. For operations to run smoothly, it requires a number of parties to perform in unison, making it imperative to be a team player in a multifaceted system.
In conclusion, it is my belief that my education and work experience have played a major role in my sharp analytical skills, my strong attention to detail and my ability to be clear and concise in my communication. I enjoy learning new skills, I believe that it is imperative for professional growth and can assure that I have much to contribute to this position and to Lead Marketing Consulting.


Paola G. Aragon Brown

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