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My name is Holly Wolniakowski and I have a passion for marketing and I believe I am the perfect candidate for your team. I am a data-driven, strategic thinker with problem solving skills. I have a passion for an active lifestyle, and combined with my experience with social media, I would be a great addition to your team.

Throughout my career, I have held different positions and different responsibilities. This has given me a unique perspective about customer/client interaction, marketing research, promotional development, social media experience and strategic planning. In recent years, I have expanded my knowledge in social media, including social media listening, monitoring and engagement. I believe all these skills are necessary for a candidate in the role of social media and engagement coordinator.

I am currently working with Sabo PR, a reputable public relations agency in Grand Rapids. I have managed a diverse portfolio of clients including local municipalities, nonprofit organizations and financial firms. My responsibilities include managing internal and external communications, writing news articles and press releases and event promotions. I have worked to expand social media reach for several clients, doubling the following of several clients. In addition, I strategically plan posts to maximize engagement with relevant content.

During my time with Granger, I worked in a variety of markets including health care, commercial, and government, among others. I coordinated several events, and implemented changes into strategic marketing and business development. I helped the team understand the importance of strategy, channels, tactics and creativity and how all components must work together to accomplish end goals.

Previously, I was employed at the Municipal Employee’s Retirement System (MERS) of Michigan. With MERS, I had many different roles, including creating publications and presentations, coordinating staff attendance at trade show events, and organizing on-site education seminars throughout the state and the MERS Annual Conference.

At MERS, I had to think of impact for a variety of audiences, including employers, employees, retirees, and internal staff. This required a thought process to reach as many of our key audiences as possible while still creating engaging and relevant content. I was integral in creating new marketing pieces as well as updating existing collateral for these audiences, and modifying to fit very specific key messages.

Before MERS, I worked for Octagon Marketing in Huntersville, North Carolina. I traveled to NASCAR racing events around the country, working with diverse race fans. Through this experience, I gained unique experiences in a variety of marketing and advertising channels for different types of consumers in vastly different markets.

My resume highlights some of my career achievements and responsibilities, but I believe qualifications for this job are more than what can be demonstrated on paper. The right fit will require passion, drive, hard work, and a lot of problem solving skills. I have those skills and I believe I am that person.

If you would like to discuss my experience, please feel free to contact me by email at hwolniakowski@gmail.com or on my cell phone at 517.802.8156. I look forward to hearing from you!


Holly Wolniakowski

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